Saturday, April 23, 2016

between the last post and the next post

Alot has happened in the last 3 years.
Boys have grown taller and stronger and sassier. I've gotten better at sewing our clothes. My stash has grown in size disproportionate to my output. My house has a slab and concrete walls underneath it. The chooks have a fence so I can grow plants again. Several new fruit trees have been planted. My crafty friends and I have a craft night on Wednesdays, so I now have a social life.


I've been sewing underpants

And endless pyjamas

I'm addicted to sewing jackets

A few dresses. one of which got (un)equal 1st Prize at the 150th Castlemaine Agricultural Show 2015

A suede vest the ended up too big for me, not sure how I'm going to make that one work. It did get 1st prize at the show though.

I went out dancing a little bit and whipped up some dancing clothes

We made a few toys

Chris and I made a tent and we all went camping

Rolph and I made a school backpack

The boys wanted cloaks for winter


I finally finished a hand patched, hand quilted sampler quilt that was started in a class in another city in another life 17 years ago. Excitingly, this won overall best quilt at the same Castlemaine Show.


A couple of things have been knitted. 2 Boys vests that are hardly ever worn then got eaten by annoying bugs in their drawers over summer.

Some lovely colourwork in a vest that ended up too bulky for me.

A couple of very cute vests for my youngest

All of these are on Ravelry, you can see if you are there too.

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